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Booking Terms and Conditions - Guests and Members

Double B Ski Club allocates individual rooms to each booking (guests and members do not share rooms with other bookings).

The Booking Manager allocates the room to each booking. A particular room can be requested at the time of booking and every effort will be made to grant the request, but it may not be possible depending on other bookings for the same night, especially during peak season.

The room allocated to each booking is displayed in the front foyer of the Club. Double B Ski Club requests that guests and members only use the rooms allocated to their booking or group of bookings.

Members have priority booking until Monday of Victorian Labour Day. Guest bookings can be received before this date and will be confirmed in the first week of April.

High season weekend bookings

Bookings for high season weekend nights, Friday and Saturday nights must be booked together.

Children Rates

All school children up to and including year 12 are classified as children for booking at the Double B Ski Club.

Payment terms

Full payment is required within 7 days of receiving the booking invoice.

If the booking is made within 7 days of the first night of the booking, payment is required immediately the booking invoice is received.

Cancellations and Changes to bookings

90% refund, if the booking is cancelled more than 28 days prior to the commencement of the booking.

No refund, if the booking is cancelled 28 days or less prior to the commencement of the booking.

Up to 10 days prior to the commencement of the booking, bookings can be changed to alternative dates in the same season, subject to availability. No refunds or booking credits if the changed booking is lesser value than the original booking.

No changes to bookings can be made 9 days or less prior to the commencement of the booking, no booking refund or booking credit will be given.

No booking credits will be carried forward to the next season.

All cancellations or changes to bookings by guests must be sent via email to the Booking Manager.

All changes to bookings or cancellations by members can be made via the online booking system or email to the Booking Manager.


The Club accepts no responsibility for personal injury, loss or theft of property.